How does TradeTapp protect and secure my information?

TradeTapp’s database and platform is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS). All information transferred between the browser and our servers is encrypted via SSL, and all account passwords are stored, encrypted, and salted. In the unlikely event that the account information database is compromised, the passwords cannot be used to gain account access. In addition, our databases are backed up to redundant storage so that in the unlikely event of a hardware failure, all data can be fully restored. AWS’ security is continuously recognized as best-in-class, and is used by Fortune 500 companies such as Autodesk, Intuit, Pacific, Capital One, and many more.

Is my company information shared or searchable?

Data transferred from Subcontractors to General Contractors is private between the two parties. Some non-sensitive information, which we call “Business Information”, becomes searchable to other registered users on the TradeTapp platform. This information is limited to general data such as: business name, location, and type of operations. For a complete definition of Business Information, refer to our Privacy Policy.

How does TradeTapp treat my sensitive Financial and Safety data?

TradeTapp uses a benchmarking model for it’s financial and safety analysis. Our algorithm behaves very similar to a bell curve approach commonly used in standardized testing. In order to perform these calculations, we first remove any connection to company identifiers and then aggregate the data together. Sensitive data, identifiable to a single Subcontractor, is never shared outside of the parties for whom it is originally consented. For a more complete explanation of our data aggregation policy refer to our Privacy Policy.

Why do you need to share my Business Information?

Our mission is to create a more transparent and connected construction qualification process. For that reason, we’ve adopted a similar approach to many other applications which use social networking. We believe that allowing General Contractors to search for Subcontractors outside of their existing Network will serve to expand bid lists, increase competitiveness, and provide new opportunities to form relationships. Additionally, we believe that allowing Subcontractors to search for and connect with General Contractors will provide a valuable marketing opportunity for those companies.

What if we sign an NDA with our Subcontractor?

Both parties should review any non-disclosure agreement to ensure that the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of TradeTapp’s platform does not conflict with any of the terms or conditions of the NDA being signed. TradeTapp does not accept any liability for the breach of a non-disclosure agreement made between two parties outside of the application platform.

How can data aggregation benefit me as a Contractor?

For our General Contractor users, data aggregation allows them to understand the relative financial health or safety performance of their Subcontractor partners rather than relying upon an arbitrary spreadsheet of hard-coded metrics. In effect, aggregation allows General Contractors to leverage the data of the subcontractor networks of their peers in order to add additional context into understanding the quality of firms they work with regularly.

For Subcontractors, aggregation provides an opportunity to gain insight into how the General Contracting community views their company. This insight can increase transparency in the prequalification process and perhaps serve to improve the chances of being selected on future bids.

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